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How an Idaho hospital that serves a region with more bears than people is helping forge the future o

ARCO, Idaho — Just before dusk on an evening in early March, Mimi Rosenkrance set to work on her spacious cattle ranch to vaccinate a calf. But the mother cow quickly decided that just wasn't going to happen. She charged, all 1,000 pounds of her, knocking Rosenkrance over and repeatedly stomping on her. “That cow was trying to push me to China,” Rosenkrance recalls. Dizzy and nauseated, with bruises spreading on both her legs and around her eye, Rosenkrance, 58, nearly passed out. Her son called 911 and an ambulance staffed by volunteers drove her to Lost Rivers Medical Center, a tiny brick hospital nestled on the snowy hills above this remote town in central Idaho. Lost Rivers has only one

As RI's Healthcare Industry Grows, So Does Need For Workers

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in Rhode Island. It represents about 20 percent of the state’s work force. And the $3 billion sector is expected to grow. But many of those jobs are poorly paid, and the state is scrambling to fill a predicted need for workers. The young people at the Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College are all training to become nurses. That’s made immediately apparent by the uniform all the students are wearing: medical scrubs. In her navy blue scrubs, Junior Fatu Ndiaye says she hopes to work in obstetrics and gynecology. “I’m the oldest of seven, so I’ve always been around kids, it’s always been something I wanted to do,” said Ndiaye. “And in my family


A company that already employs 300 people in Jacksonville is looking to add another 250 positions. An economic incentives agreement filed for City Council consideration as “Project Avalanche” says a healthcare information technology services business that already exists in Jacksonville is considering three cities for its expansion. They say the incentives are a “material factor” for whether to choose Jacksonville. The company is allowed to request confidentiality on their identity as these negotiations proceed. The company is proposing to maintain its 300 existing jobs and add 250 more by the end of 2021. The jobs would have an average annual wage of $70,000. The company further anticipates

7 Best Healthcare and Hospital Jobs For Engineers

If you are an engineer who would like to work in a healthcare field, or if you simply want to see what additional options regarding job opportunities you have, the list of 7 best healthcare and hospital jobs for engineers is perfect for you. Just look at the title and you will realize how awesome is to be an engineer. If you are one, you will definitely be proud for having such a variety of options regarding the job, and if you still don’t know what to do in life, this may inspire you to become an engineer. Seriously, they are everywhere, they are well paid, well respected, and very intelligent people, so you can’t do anything but praise them. There are so many different types of engineers,

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