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7 Best Healthcare and Hospital Jobs For Engineers

If you are an engineer who would like to work in a healthcare field, or if you simply want to see what additional options regarding job opportunities you have, the list of 7 best healthcare and hospital jobs for engineers is perfect for you.

Just look at the title and you will realize how awesome is to be an engineer. If you are one, you will definitely be proud for having such a variety of options regarding the job, and if you still don’t know what to do in life, this may inspire you to become an engineer. Seriously, they are everywhere, they are well paid, well respected, and very intelligent people, so you can’t do anything but praise them. There are so many different types of engineers, but if you are a software engineer, you should definitely check the list of 11 Cities With the Highest Demand for Software Engineers.

If you thought that only doctors and nurses are enough to make a hospital, you are probably not aware of the fact that hospitals actually function thanks to various types of engineers. We rolled up our sleeves and got to know more about those jobs within healthcare institutions that may be done by engineers, and ended up being surprised by the number of possibilities and job positions engineers can have in hospitals. To get the proper information, we were very much helped by the websites such as Perspective, I am Biomed, NJIT, that were dealing with specific fields of engineering that may improve healthcare system in general, but the list of all possible engineering degrees that we found on Educating Engineers gave us a little bit deeper insight and a material to explore further and eventually create our own list. The main parameter that we used to make the final classification is the annual salary, with all the information gathered from PayScale, since it usually serves as the biggest motivator besides the fact you really like and enjoy your job.

Overall, being an engineer is probably one of the coolest jobs, the most promising and profitable jobs in the 21st century. If you are one, work on yourself, and become even better at what you do, and if you are still in the process of thinking, do not hesitate. In general, reading the list of 7 best healthcare and hospital jobs for engineers will not take a lot of your time, but will bring you great ideas and maybe change your perspective. Let’s start!

7. Healthcare Quality Engineer

Annual Salary: $66,528

When working as a healthcare quality engineer, you will be expected to assist the director of quality. Among all, your obligations may include planning various activities that deal with application and development, as well as maintenance of healthcare standards for the purpose of industrial processes. You will need to design and develop special forms that will enable further evaluating and reporting quality of the provided products, and to conduct additional revisions when needed.

6. Stationary Engineer

Annual Salary: $67, 500

Stationary engineers are often called operating or power engineers, and their main task is to deal with various equipment within the institutions they work at. When it comes to hospitals, there are many things that stationary engineers need to deal with, and they include air conditioning systems, boilers, pumps and many other things that are crucial for normal functioning of one hospital.

5. Mechanical Engineer

Annual Salary: $68,142

Generally speaking, mechanical engineers are in charge of evaluating mechanical systems in the way that they plan and design, as well as conduct research programs for the purpose of coming to final results. In order to do it, they need to apply mechanical or thermodynamical principles, which is definitely applicable to medical devices as well. It is a very responsible, but also very much respected and well-paid job, that is, one of the best healthcare and hospital jobs for engineers.

4. Clinical Engineer

Annual Salary: $70,278

The essential duties of a clinical engineer include, before all, the need to test the equipment, such as, for example, wheelchairs. Clinical engineers also design various helping medical equipment, such as scanners or other machines that are made to check and ensure that all the equipment works properly and safely, which is of a huge help for doctors and other medical staff.

3. Electrical Engineer

Annual Salary: $72,489

In general, electrical engineers are dealing with electrical systems, components, and products in a way that they design them, as well as do the research on how to make the programs fully applicable by applying their knowledge of electricity within the particular institutions. If you think about the fact that the medical devices are enormously improving within the last several decades, you will see the need of electrical engineering within hospitals.

2. Health Systems Engineer

Annual Salary: $76, 884

This is a very similar discipline to biomedical or clinical engineering. In general, they deal with developing various methods to analyze and improve the performance of crucial healthcare systems, and they need to deal with it in new and innovative ways. They also need to assure that the technology they use in developing new systems is reliable, of a huge quality and applicable in institutions they work for.

1. Software Engineer

Annual Salary: $80,745

If you think logically, you will realize that, besides having an electrical engineer to design the medical device, you will also need the software engineer to establish the program according to which the specific device is going to work. It is why software engineers are very important in healthcare, especially in biomedicine, where they develop and maintain algorithms for data analysis. This is probably the best-paid field of engineering, and when it comes to healthcare and hospitals, it is also the best healthcare and hospital job for engineers.

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