The Traveling Healthcare Professional

People who work in healthcare are some of the busiest people around. We tend to understand this better when we talk to doctors and nurses who spend long days handling busy patient lists regularly. This takes up a lot of time! It’s also energy-intensive – many of these healers put their all into their workday in ways that others of us never even think about.

We set up Evoy as a way to help these busy professionals to plan their lives since we know that they don't always have a lot of time to sit around researching detailed options.

People invest a lot of money and time in their clinical training, and when they're done, they want to use that clinical training for good – right away! We help them to optimize their careers to make sure this happens in a way that suits their style and approach to the future.

Your Skills

If you took the time to become a certified medical professional, be it a doctor, physician's assistant, nurse, or any other clinical job role, congratulations. You possess skills and credentials that make you very valuable to any community.

With that said, you have a lot of options where you want to live and work. Sometimes these options can be a little overwhelming. At Evoy, we have put together a select list of resources to help qualified professionals to decisively choose an option and get started on the next chapter of their lives. The idea is that we’re a “personal assistant” for your off-hours to support you as you work diligently in your chosen role, wherever you are.


Housing contracts are almost always a complicated process and can be aggravating or distracting to busy professionals who want to hit the ground running. The typical housing contract has so many unknown details that have to be worked through that it becomes challenging just to go somewhere and settle in.

We've tried to help to change that – with our dedicated member community, and we offer traveling healthcare professionals rentals that they can get into quickly and easily, through a proprietary process where they don't have to ‘start from zero’ and try to create relationships with landlords.

Check out our host FAQ and more online to see how this works.

Lifestyle and Amenities at Your Destination

At Evoy, we also go one step beyond housing. We recommend some of the best local attractions near where you're going to be living so that you can start getting into your local environment right away. Our skilled medical professionals have found this helps them to manage the personal side of integrating into a new community, as they also tackle the clinical side. Check us out!

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