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Best Paying Healthcare jobs in 2019

Healthcare jobs have existed for over 25,000 years, The industry continues to grow as professionals look to make a difference in people's lives. The wave of increase and popularity has seen the growth rate of the industry consistently climb upward. One factor responsible for such an increase of over 15% up from 2017 alone, is the financial reward. As a result of the rigorous process experts in the industry undergo, healthcare doesn't come cheap. Consequently, there's bound to be a pyramid or class of healthcare jobs that command quite the paycheck. Should you desire to go into this active industry, here are the best paying jobs to look out for:


Going to see the dentist can be quite the scare especially if you're a newbie. But the fact is, these professionals attend to your teeth with utmost care and professionalism. They'll treat your gums and ensure you have optimum oral health. The demand for dentists has soared over time, alongside other healthcare jobs. With their education and expertise, they command $155,000 or more, per annum.


Got an issue with your foot, ankle or problems with your lower leg? Look no further than a podiatrist. They provide surgical care for leg-related issues to keep you moving with ease. With more education, podiatrists, have the potential to perform foot and ankle reconstructive procedures. Of course, with more expertise, expect an increase on a yearly paycheck standing at $123,700 or more.


Self-medication is never encouraged in the healthcare industry, hence the obvious need for pharmacists. They help to prescribe medications to patients along with invaluable advice on how to use them. Also known as chemists or druggists, they provide analytical and critical thinking ability to an industry that can't do without them. Further, they attract a paycheck amounting to $121,900 or more per year.


Everyone has a superhero movie with characters they really admire. In the real world, and the healthcare industry, physicians and surgeons are looked up with the same admiration. This is because of the huge role they play saving lives and giving the human body a fix. Broken bones, tumors, lacerations, you name it and they'll do it. These professionals command a paycheck in excess of $200,000 yearly.

Nurses (Anesthetists, Midwives And Practitioners)

Nurses make up a vital part of the healthcare industry and it's not difficult to see why. They perform various tasks like midwifery, family planning and care for patients. Some nurses go on to become Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) after undergoing advanced clinical education to boost skills and knowledge. Also, their paycheck is in the region of $106,900 yearly but that figure rises significantly to over $145,000 for Directors of Nursing.


Optometrists play a primary role in the healthcare industry because they deal with visual problems. Ocular diseases or abnormality and issues with general health, form their base. Further, they'll prescribe spectacles, lenses or refer patients for more treatment. Their paycheck per year stands at a healthy $106,100 or more.

Healthcare makes for an interesting and lucrative industry. To get in, you would have to meet the set professional requirements, however , you can be sure of a fulfilling career financially.

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